Is this Bagel Stale?

January 24, 2018-One of the most significant features of a “real, Artisan Bagel” is that it is dense.   A bagel, unlike a Kaiser roll, is not designed to be a light, airy, soft piece of bread.   Real Bagels are known for their dense, chewy quality.   It is part of it’s defining qualities that distinguishes it from other breads.

Sometimes, when consumers are used to eating products that are formed in the shape of a bagel but are soft, light, and airy and then they switch to a true Artisan bagel they are overcome by the density of the genuine article.  Sometimes they even mistake this denseness for staleness, or hardness.  They are not to be confused.   A fresh, REAL bagel will be dense fresh out of the oven as it will be a few hours later.

When selecting a genuine bagel seek a hand made, kettle boiled, plank baked, kosher bagel- just like Davidovich.

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  1. Your bagels are the best bagels I’ve had since growing up in Brooklyn when my father and I participated in the time-honored tradition of waiting by the local bagel baker for the 4-inch NY Times to be delivered to the “candy” store next door on a cold winter night. There, with all the other fathers and sons, we would argue about the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, and the birth of Rock. And we went to get fresh, just out of the oven, bagels and a hot cup of coffee and bide our time for the assault of flying sections of the Times being thrown at us from a truck moving at 25 miles an hour. No WiFi. Bagels, hot coffee, and talk—the original social network.

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