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Davidovich Bagels 5 pack
Davidovich Bagels Available in Freezer Ready 5 Packs

Ann’s Question:    I live in NYC and want to stock up on some of your Davidovich Bagels.  How long will they stay Fresh?

Davidovich:    Ann, thank you for writing to us.   In the current environment we have gotten this question a lot.    Davidovich Bagels are made fresh daily without any harmful chemicals or additives.   While this means that you can not leave these Artisan gems out for an extended time BUT here is what we suggest:

  • Consume whatever bagels you need in one day.
  • Slice the remainder of your Davidovich Bagels
  • Place them in a pollywog
  • Place the poly bag in your home freezer
  • EAT AS YOU LIKE- Toasted or untoasted (thaw and serve)

We  understand that this is a difficult time for New Yorkers, people throughout the United States and the World and we are committed to making sure we are doing everything we can to provide stability and normalcy in the food chain.

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  1. I live in CA and I order a lot of bagels from Davidovich because there are no decent bagels in the SF Bay Area. As soon as they arrive, I wrap each one individually in tin foil and freeze them in groups of 6 in plastic bags. I don’t slice them. When I want to eat them I defrost them and toast them and they are delicious, good as new.

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