Davidovich’s Linzer Tarts Available Now

July 15, 2020 (NYC)When Grandma Zoya immigrated to the Lower East Side of NYC from Eastern Europe she brought a very special recipe for an Austrian Mini-Cookie that dated back to the 17th Century.  That cookie was the mini-Linzer Tart. Originally baked as a cookie sandwich, these Kosher, artisan gems actually were introduced in the United States in the 1850’s as German and Austrian immigrants settled in the Midwest.  These cookies, baked for holidays, topped with powdered sugar, and filled with preserves peering through their center cutouts were originally called, “Linzer Eyes”.  As the 20th Century unfolded, these little reminders of holiday, family, and Grandma Zoya’s European heritage became a staple of the Davidovich Family’s baking regimen.  For over 100 years, these sweet treats have put smiles on the faces of friends and family members on the Lowers East Side and surrounding neighborhoods of NYC.

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