Are your muffins Dairy Free:

  • Yes they do not contain dairy, but they are made in a facility where other dairy products are made

Are your Bagels Vegan:

  • Yes, All bagels are made without any animal products. Only Egg bagel is made with real eggs

Is the store KOSHER?

  • All items made at our bakery are certified KOSHER by OK . The store however is NOT under any supervision, but prides itself on selling KOSHER products only.

Where are the products made?

  • We have two facilities one that is PARVE in the Bronx and one that is KOSHER DAIRY which is located in Queens. WE deliver products from these two facilities fresh Daily.

Why are your products so good?

  • We are an Artisan bakery and all products are made to order fresh every morning and to our stores and our customers by our own vehicles

Where can I get your products?

  • You can find them in gourmet stores in your area, please follow us on Facebook and ask where you can get the products in your area. facebook.com/davidovichbakery